Mancora Travel, Summer in Mancora 2011

Only 15 minutes from Mancora is the Eco Fundo La Caprichosa ubicado por la quebrada Fernandez en el bosque seco de la región como parte de un proyecto de reforestación y recreación para los visitantes.

In the estate can enjoy the other side of Mancora: Nature, plantations, animals like “Dairy Goats” (Products: jabones de leche de cabra y queso fresco), horses, guan. Los productos producidos en el Fundo La Caprichosa son procesados artesanalmente usando insumos naturales y con prácticas orgánicas.

And for the adventurous may enjoy Zipline, it is a sport that involves jumping from a hill by a cable through a pulley. También podrán practicar escalada deportiva con distintos niveles de dificultad. Soon, more games and extreme sports.

Products offered in the “La Caprichosa”

* Goats Milk Soap

Goat milk provides nutrients within the cell especially in the damaged skin and allergic reactions that have altered physiology and metabolism. It also has ingredients such as Alpha Hidroácidos, minerals and vitamins that help cellular nutrition. Why skin is so soft after using the soap goat milk soap instead of the conventional.

* Aji Mancorense (El ají más picante del Perú)

Organic mono pepper marinated in vinegar and sea salt. Contiene más Vitamina A que cualquier otra planta comestible. Cosechado y elaborado a mano.

* Colibri mead

Vino preparado con fermentados de miel de abeja pura y mostos de uva. La floración incluye Algarrobo, Hualtaco, Maracuya y Piñon (oil plant). Procesado y elaborado a mano, following organic practices with natural inputs.

* Cards and Postcards of the painter Henri Peter

Fundador del Eco-Fundo La Caprichosa. Un pintor reconocido en USA por sus contribuciones al arte indigenista americano:

* Eco-cuisine restaurant

Esperamos la inauguracioó para fiestas patrias. Presentarán una carta sencilla, en un ambiente campestre y sabores frescos, Sano and delicious for the whole family.

* Zipline Canopy Aeromoto Mancora

Definitely a great experience we had to do the zipline tour (1600 meters in the 4 lines).
We recall that visiting the Eco Fundo The Capricious and practicing Zipline be supporting this organization in environmental projects that contribute to nature and Mancora (ejm.: Clean Mancora).

Para los interesados en practicar el deporte de aventura Zipline, I leave the contact details:
Office: By. Degree 636 Mancora, Piura
Cell Phones: 122*3885 / 826*8370 / 826*8378 / (073) 258574
Emails: web: (Visit the link)

Note: En el Fundo La Caprichosa tienen la visión de fomentar el trato humanitario hacia los animales, organic food production and the responsibility to operate with environmental awareness and social.

Photo Gallery of La capricious Eco Fund – Zipline

These photographs were taken the day 04 June 2011 by J. K. Benites with a Canon SX120 IS, and We thank Mr. Henri Peter and Mr. Augusto Almenara por permitirnos la visita al Fundo La Caprichosa. All rights reserved photos.

Eco Fundo la Caprichosa

Eco Fundo La Caprichosa, Dairy Goat Section

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Given the amount of feedback we have on some items, are beginning to be disorganized and out of the main theme, so I thought it appropriate to initiateForum related to Mancora, where they can:

Late Mancora Forum:
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To register to be accessed: Mancora Forum Registration, takes less than 1 minute.
NOTE: If not get the confirmation email,check their junk mail box / Márquenlo as spam and Email Security

Any user can register , give opinion (post new topic) , answer questions or, The idea is that information is better organized for visitors.

Report: From now on, not answer questions on the blog comments Mancora, for that forum has been created.

I hope you will share your experiences, I'm sure many people would love to read.

See you at the Forum!!!


Sun and Ma Lodgingr presents Fiesta Friday 22 April toEaster in Mancora with DJ J Studio 92 (the best DJ).

Pass partying at Easter, super pass it in Mancora. Studio 92 puts the fun with you Dj J
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Gallery photos of tourists en Máncora, beautifulBikini Girls, Friends groups, Mancora Girls single, Thong, who like to relax, and others like action.

These photographs were taken the first months of 2011 by J. K. Benites with a Canon SX120 IS, and All rights reserved photos.

Chicas en Vichayito

Beautiful girls in Vichayito / Mancora

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Manolo del Castillo Reportaje al PeruIn 2010 The documentary was filmed called “Report to Peru, Piura” with Manolo Del Castillo, speaking mainly Mancora and nearby beaches as: Lobitos, Cabo Blanco, Vichayito, Los Organos, Punta Veleros. Also spoken of Mancora sports.

In the report can see the places you should know on his trip to Mancora, I hope you enjoy the excellent report to Mancora in Video.

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